Super Bowl Ad Power Rankings 2020

At the Super Bowl, the winners and losers aren’t always out on the field

So for Super Bowl LIV, Voxpopme set out to find out which brands won and lost in the battle of the commercials. We asked #150 North American consumers what the most memorable Super Bowl Ad of 2020 as they watched the game live.

They each shared their most memorable Super Bowl ad during each quarter of the game in self-recorded responses to a single open-ended video question, in real-time. The study tested the unaided recall of the commercials, and scores were calculated based on the number of mentions for each ad across all video responses in less than 4 hours thanks to automated video analytics.

And now that the results are in, we can see who scored and who fumbled in the advertising game.

See what people said about our winner in the video below and read on to get your full Super Bowl Ad Power Rankings Infographic.

Infographic: Super Bowl Ad Power Rankings 2020




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