Success story:

How Sky uses Voxpopme to bring their customer closeness program to life and socialize insight that inspires

Research Challenge

Sky Limited is Europe's largest and leading media and telecommunications company. With more than 20 million subscribers, keeping customer feedback at the forefront of decision-making can be a challenge.

Sky's strategic insight team is devoted to ongoing customer listening to inform every part of the business, bringing the customer voice into critical decisions that impact their strategy. But with such a large audience to satisfy, it can be difficult to listen at scale and socialize insights that inspire colleagues.

With key leadership sessions on the horizon, Sky wanted to bring their customer closeness program to life and share a depth of insight that would be unavailable through quantitative data. But with the sessions fast-approaching, traditional qualitative research wasn't a realistic option.


Sky turned to Voxpopme's agile video feedback platform to obtain more in-depth, emotional feedback in a fast, and flexible manner. Given the growing internal demand for video feedback, the Customer Closeness team were able to secure senior buy-in for two video-first studies.

The first study embedded video open-ends into existing quantitative surveys in preparation for Sky's Strategic Insight Live Sessions. Replacing text open-ends with video questions provided Sky's customers with an opportunity to communicate with senior executives and express their expectations of core Sky products such as Sky Broadband and SkyQ.

The second study used Voxpopme's OnDemand community for same-day video research ahead of a Customer Closeness Session with Sky's Sales Leadership team. After screening the Voxpopme community for Sky customers, Sky asked how customers rate their upgrade service, how they could improve the overall experience and what creates customers' wow moments when in conversation with sales advisors.


Voxpopme's flexible video capture solutions, automated analytics, and intuitive showreel tools ensured Sky's customer closeness team captured the true voice of the customer. Crucially, this was achieved at the speed needed to take compelling customer stories into Sky's upcoming strategy sessions.

Across both sessions, the additional context and depth from customer-recorded video feedback were used to inform critical decisions. Going beyond traditional quantitative scores and statistics enabled executives to hear the voices and see the faces of real customers - building real emotional connections. As a result, the Customer Closeness team was able to influence meaningful change for Sky and its customers.

Business Impact

The success and influence of video during Sky's leadership sessions has further heightened the appetite for video feedback. Sky is now integrating agile video into trackers, the product development process, and rolling out an always-on video program for Customer Service colleagues.

Customer-recorded video is also now the drumbeat for Sky's customer closeness intranet site. Sky employees can now access rich video feedback anytime to uncover what customers love or loather about Sky and their services. This always-on stream of customer feedback ensures that every decision Sky makes is powered by real customer stories.

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