Success story:

How video allowed Mondelez to observe in-home consumer behavior for deeper customer-understanding

Research Challenge

Observing consumers in their own environment offers powerful insight into routines and rituals, see how different products fit into their daily lives and helps to identify gaps in consumer needs that a brand can help to fill. Ethnographic observation allows the researcher to obtain that information and answer those questions, without interrupting the participant’s routine. But this method is not always feasible. In-person observation can be very costly and is certainly time-prohibitive. Insights professionals will not be invited into consumers’ homes at certain times of day, or on a major holiday. Mondelez International wanted to find a way to be at home with consumers at the important moments during major holidays including Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter, to open a window into their lives to truly experience what those holidays mean to them. They were looking to gain a better understanding of rituals, and the role chocolate plays within different moments throughout important holidays to identify opportunities to better innovate and communicate with consumers during this important holiday season.


Mondelez turned to Voxpopme to leverage video insight technology to gain access to consumers during a very personal and festive time. Consumers were invited to complete a qualitative video study in several phases. The first phase began in November, with a focus on the planning and rituals leading up to the Christmas holiday season. The second phase ran December 24, 25, 26 to gain a true understanding of important holiday moments, in real-time.

Through this method, Mondelez was able to get closer to consumers during this time of year, than possible before. Traditional survey methods often left gaps in insight as the lack of context made it difficult to draw a complete picture. Through video observation, new opportunities for innovation and strategy within the brand were identified to further delight their customers with new products and messaging that will truly resonate.

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