Success story:

How Asda used Voxpopme to bring retail customers into the board room and in front of the C-suite

Research Challenge

Asda is one of Europe’s leading retailers, serving up groceries to the British public since the 1960s. Part of the Walmart family, Asda's full range of services now encompasses everything from food produce to household goods, financial services and everything between.

Asda's mission to help shoppers ‘Save Money and Live Better’ underpins its approach to business. So, when the retail giant wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the 18 million customers who shop in its stores every week, they turned to VideoCX by Voxpopme.Asda had long believed in the power of customer feedback with numerous surveys gathering statistics about millions of individual customer experiences annually. However, to truly understand their customers, the customer insight team wanted to go beyond typical survey responses and see the stories behind their scores by integrating video into their CX program. Thanks to existing CX data, a high-level understanding of customer challenges and preferences was already available. However, Asda needed VideoCX to add depth, emotion and authenticity to their feedback to reveal the “why” behind shoppers’ perceptions and opinions.



To get even closer to the customer and truly understand their experiences with frontline support, Airbnb incorporated video feedback into their transactional feedback surveys using VideoCX.

Adding open-video questions into existing surveys afforded customers with an opportunity to express themselves beyond the confines of a text box and provide more in-depth insight and added context. For Airbnb, an integration into transactional surveys quickly made video an always-on listening tool, ready to capture rich, visual feedback from the brand's two million daily users.



Video helped Airbnb to get to the root cause of customers' positive and negative experiences with support staff. The depth of insight captured in customer-recorded videos helped identify critical areas for improvement in the customer experience.

Furthermore, the immediacy of video feedback provided by VideoCX creates daily opportunities to convert detractors to promoters and drive an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction.


Business Impact

Enhancing existing transactional surveys with video helps Airbnb to close the loop and delight dissatisfied customers, as well as share customers' 'wow' moments with the frontline to give kudos and motivate the team.

Sharing visual stories in this way amplifies customer feedback within Airbnb and drives empathy for customers at every level of the business. The increased understanding of the customer and their expectations empowers frontline support to provide stellar services and keep Airbnb at the forefront of the travel industry.

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