Perspectives Episode 18: When A.I. really blossoms, how will it affect your approach to research and the wider insights industry?

When A.I. really blossoms, how will it affect your approach to research and the wider insights industry?

Welcome to Episode 18 of Perspectives!



A.I. promises to have a huge impact on the insights industry with some impressive solutions hitting the market in recent years. In this episode, our panel of experts discusses how A.I is impacting the industry and what the future holds.

Ready to find out more? Hit play on the video to discover the influence A.I. is likely to have on your research and the transformative effect it will have on how we view our insights.

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Excerpts from the vlog

As artificial intelligence gets smarter and smarter and starts guiding more and more of our purchase decisions, and guides us and the things that we buy and spend our money on, who is it really that we’re going to need to talk to from a research perspective?…@BaillieForGood

I think AI, once into its prime will let us start getting high degrees of confidence with potentially smaller amounts of people, if it’s the right people. So I think one of the big things that will change beyond making things quicker, better, faster, cheaper, is it will actually change what we think about as being the most valuable thing that we want to optimize for… @Werdnamai

So when I look at the role of AI today in the world generally but within the insights industry, I say that a lot of the focus is on automation and how AI can take people out of the loop. I think that has a role to play for the future of the industry. But I think far more exciting is the potential for AI to accelerate human expertise, not take people out of the loop…@Jonathan Williams

AI will have a huge impact on the insights industry. The main impact it will have on our insight business, is that it will enable us to inform more decisions across the business. At the moment, the amount of decisions that we can influence using customer insight is constrained…@pd_hudson

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