Perspectives Episode 15 – Where has automation been most impactful in Market Research?

Where has automation been most impactful in Market Research?

Welcome to Episode 15 of Perspectives!

Where has automation been most impactful for you (or your business), and where do you think it could be utilised with an even greater effect?

Automation continues to be one of the most discussed topics in 2018, and the Market Research industry has been discovering its advantages and how impactful it can be for their clients and businesses. So, for this latest episode we asked our panel of research leaders; ‘Where has automation been most impactful for you or your business, and where do you think it could be utilized with an even greater effect?’

In this months episode, our panel of contributors discussed the importance of automation, how it is transforming the industry and how it can be utilized on a larger scale.

Play the video to discover the most interesting feedback our panelists provided and let us know what you think about it!

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Excerpts from the vlog

So most of my life is automated. I think the best thing about automation, and this will happen in the world of research too, is that you don’t notice these things. They just happen in the background and that’s the beauty of automation @winifredatwell

I think the next stage of automation that we’ll be looking at is automating more of the analysis side so that we can purely focus on interpreting what that analysis has found, then helping drive the outcomes and helping clients make better business decisions… @andybuckers

What’s really exciting is the speed at which we can iterate and be agile. So we’re very much at the start of our journey in terms of how automation is transforming us as an [Market Research] industry. There is a lot of education that we need to do but it’s very exciting… @earle_babita

So all of this meant that we needed to have a lot of engagement, really that bit like a CRM programme, and text reminders and little messages to keep involved and emails, and this was a really important area for us to automate in order to make things more efficient, so I think that’s where the benefit has really been to the business… @FionaMESH 

Clara and I emailed back and forth probably a half dozen times were joking and having a conversation. And then I came to find out a couple of days later that Clara was actually a virtual assistant. She wasn’t even a real person and yet I was having all of these really amazing conversations with her @kristinluck

Our entire company at Knowledge Hound is based on automation, so it’s been very impactful for us, and our clients have benefited from automation because they can go from open text search instantly to a data point in a graph… @zulk10

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