Perspectives Episode 14 – Market Research innovations that haven’t made it…yet!

Market research innovations that haven’t made it yet!… ?

Welcome to Episode 14 of Perspectives!

Which market research technology or method did you think would have a huge impact on the market research industry….but hasn’t?

After an exciting array of conferences in recent months, and many more to come in autumn (fall), the market research industry is abuzz discussing a rash of new technologies and methods.

But sometimes, discussing these ideas is as far as we get as an industry. So, in this month’s episode, we asked the Perspectives panel to tell us about the market research technology they thought would have a huge impact on the market research industry….but hasn’t.

The floor was left wide open, so our contributors had the opportunity to explore the individual tools like Google Glass or provide a more reflective take on the industry’s adoption of technology.

Hit play on the video above to explore the fascinating feedback we collected from the Perspectives panel. Plus, we’d love you to try out our new chapter navigation to easily jump between individual contributions.

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Excerpts from the vlog


If we don’t embrace all these opportunities that are in front of us, that are at our fingertips, faster than we are, we will end up being the case study of the industry in disruption that didn’t realise that it was being disrupted and no longer exists… @winifredatwell

If you’d asked me this question five years ago, I would have said the social media or digital listening would have been the thing that I really thought was gonna take off and take out lots of different types of market research. But ask me two years ago, and I would have said that I was surprised that maybe that didn’t happen for whatever reason, it just didn’t really seem to catch on in the way that I thought it was going to. @andybuckers

We’re pretty much where we were back in the early noughties. We’re still having survey platform companies collect the data, agencies are still doing data processing, we’re still seeing quite basic reporting in many instances and clients are still demanding more utility from their data… @jamesturner247

The research methodology that I thought would have a really big impact on the industry and just hasn’t had as much as I would have thought is gamification. It just makes so much more sense that you gamifiy the way that you collect data from people…  @FionaMESH 

It was hard not to get excited about Google Glass. It was the first time that it felt like passive measurement techniques were actually going to be reality – albeit with a healthy dose of creepiness… @kristinluck

So for me, it is definitely about researchers being more open to trying new technology, being willing to work in partnership with some of these new technology vendors on pilots to discover new ways to answer the same questions… @DaveCarruthers 

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