Perspectives Episode 11 – What ONE research related firm do you feel is THE one to watch in 2018?

What ONE related firm do you feel is THE one to watch in 2018?

Welcome to Episode 11 of Perspectives!

Excerpts from the vlog

So, my tip for a research related firm to watch out for in 2018, is a business called ‘Reality Mine’, and they are a passive meter company that puts tracking on websites, on apps, on search, and on media, they are a business setup in 2012 I think, but they’ve just received more funding from the Kennet Partners, the VC guys, who also invested in Receipt Bank. And I think they’re a really interesting play, they’re nice nexus between digital and research and data, and they’ve just also announced that Chris Havemann*, he’s gonna become their chief executive, Chris is the guy that setup research now group into international business, and he’s next entrepreneur of the year from AIM, he’s a smart guy and he wouldn’t have got involved if he didn’t think the business had an opportunity to do really well. So I would watch out for them, I think they’re going to be great at servicing research agencies, which I know I think they partner with. But I think they’re also gonna be able to work with media companies, media research, and also panelists, so there’s no reason why you can’t put the passive metering onto panels, whether that’d be stand of online panels or online communities, where I think that will also add real value. – Paul @clientadvocates

The one company is Cambridge Analytica, I think given the high profile of all the coverage they’ve had, how they respond to it, how the industry responds, and ultimately what happens is a pretty interesting thing to be following over the next twelve months or so. It’s going to run way beyond the twelve months for sure, it’s gonna have deeper ramifications, and I think what happens there as a result of perhaps open, yet passive and live streamed driven data, is going to play out in an interesting way for this industry, it’s gonna face, it’s gonna create some challenges for the regulators to face, it’s also going to create challenges for a lot of look alike companies in the way we operate and take the science. I think it’s gonna be pretty interesting to see how that goes forward. – @winifredatwell

if I was looking for a research, a decent research company in the UK, I would hunt down where Richard Atkinson is working, he used to be head of Quarter Two CV, he setup a new agency, can’t remember its name, but what they are doing is, approaching research with kind of a socially aware and almost politically conscious mindset, it’s quite interesting, I don’t wanna say it’s liberal or left-wing or such, but I’ve just said it, so and that’s being a bit glib*, but it’s looking at where, basically they’re looking at where research can make a difference in people’s lives, and I think they did quite a lot of stuff in places like India. So very interesting mindset to go into research with, how can we make people’s lives better rather than how can we sell people more stuff, so yeah that’s where I’d be looking, but can’t remember the name of the agency, which is a bugger, and I haven’t seen Richard for a while, so if he sees this, I hope it doesn’t freak him out too much. – Mark Ratcliff

Proto brand is using system one techniques to gauge the strength of an image associated to the brands, by timing how long it takes the respondent to identify that image with the brand, which I think is kinda neat. And also they’re working on metaphor elicitation, so having respondents pick an image and then describe why they chose that image to reflect a brand, and so I think that immediately you’re getting respondents going in a story telling mode, versus just asking them what’s your opinion of the brand x, y and z. So doing a lot of cool things out there, getting out response is a little bit differently than your traditional trackers and surveys – @dean_macko

There’s a company called group solver in the U.S and they post questions and they get the respondents and they get the respondents to actually theme and organise their answers themselves to actually come up with the theme themselves and I’m a big fan as some of you may know of actually emancipating participants, bringing them into the process, even asking them here’s what were trying to learn what do we have to ask you to learn it. Even getting them to be ethnographers of their own behaviour. I think group solver is a company to watch. – @SiamackSalari

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