Perspectives Episode 09 – What three things will you do differently as a result of GDPR?

What three things will you do differently as a result of GDPR?

Welcome to Episode 09 of Perspectives!

In the ninth episode of Perspectives, we’re talking about how people need to get ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Excerpts from the vlog

I think this is going to have a big impact on the market research sector in the broadest of terms, so we want to make sure that people are prepared for that from a kind of career point of view. @SineadH

We need to focus not just on the 25th of May, but beyond the 25th of May, this isn’t just a one-off training exercises it is actually a change of culture for organisations to ensure we stay complaint and continue to ensure data quality and data transparency. @pd_hudson

We’re collecting a lot more video and I think that’s only gonna increase in the future, and we gotta make sure that our systems and our processors are good enough at handling and managing this type of data, so videos gonna be a big part of our implementation. @andybuckers

Looking at all our data coming in and coming out, because one of the things that GDPR requires us to do is to maintain that register, so that’s one of the things that we’re busy building… is building that whole record of everything coming in and everything going out. @Finn01

The really main one for us will be the right to be forgotten. That’s going to be an interesting element of our research (being digital ethnography) where we may be collecting publicly available behavior from sites that may have then have data removed in the future. @dbrowell

Not just for data that we are capturing from outside the business, but also the data we hold on our own staff, on candidates, it’s a very wide ranging a group of people that we need to consider when we look at consent, so that’s giving us some opportunity to strengthen our existing policies and make sure that process is very explicit in the way that we do capture consent – Victoria Hedley

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