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Focus groups are a thing of the past. Researchers today are under more pressure than ever before to get closer to consumers with fewer resources, less time, and less budget. But, just because budgets are tight, doesn't mean you sacrifice the deep understanding of qualitative insight.

Video feedback offers the rich qualitative insight that's so crucial to consumer understanding at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional qual.



It's no secret that budgets are tight for insight teams across the globe.  With so much pressure to do more with less, rich qualitative insight is often on the chopping block.  Video feedback offers the depth of consumer understanding necessary for any brand, at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person qualitative.

No need to conduct in-person focus groups or IDIs!  Get closer to consumers in a more authentic way without the need to invest in travel, facility rentals, major incentive payouts, and more.  Video feedback is the answer.

Looking to protect your budget?  Calculate your cost savings for migrating your traditional qual to video here.

25x Faster (1)


25x faster than traditional qual


Easily integrate agile qualitative feedback into your research program, at quantitative scale. Voxpopme’s best-in-class video insight platform makes agile qualitative easy.  Automated, instant analytics offer qualitative insight in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Speed time to decision-making with advanced theme coding and sentiment scoring.  Access a library of human insights at your fingertips to easily uncover the stories you need to make to impact your business. Easily convert your agile qualitative feedback into powerful deliverables with intuitive video editing and sharing


Getting Started with Agile Qualitative Insight


Capture rich qualitative feedback from consumers all over the world.  Whether you have your own audience or need Voxpopme’s OnDemand Community, your target respondents are closer than you think.


Qualitative insight can now be analyzed at quantitative scale.  Leverage our robust automated analysis to uncover key insights quickly and easily.


We all learned as kids, it’s nice to share.  Don’t keep these powerful insights to yourself!  Share them quickly and easily throughout your entire organization to make a big impact.

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