Success story:

How AB InBev used Voxpopme to obtain rich qualitative feedback on concepts in 36 hours

Research Challenge

The world's largest brewer, AB InBev, is responsible for over a quarter of global beer volumes. With a wide-ranging brand portfolio and an extensive geographic spread, the company is undoubtedly a brewing behemoth. Despite this dominant position, AB InBev is not about to rest on its laurels in a market awash with disruptors and challenger brands.

To keep ahead of the competition, and make key marketing decisions using a 'people-first' approach, the brewing giant sought to understand consumer reactions to an array of new beer concepts.



AB InBev's insight team wanted to obtain deep qualitative insight to gain a complete picture of beer drinkers' reactions to 200 new concepts, at the speed of quantitative feedback.

Previously, qualitative research would not have been an option given the tight timelines, but, determined to get in-depth insight, AB InBev turned to Voxpopme. Using Voxpopme's agile video platform made it possible to share rich-media versions of 200 concepts directly with consumers and capture self-recorded video feedback in direct response to the concept just viewed. In less than 36 hours, AB InBev was able to obtain responses from over 4000 respondents and see authentic, honest reactions to each of the concepts presented.



Automated video analysis tools such as theme and sentiment coding helped bring findings to light without time-consuming manual analysis often associated with qualitative research.  This made video a viable, quick turn solution for this project and served up a depth of insight not possible with quantitative studies. Thanks to Voxpopme's agile qualitative feedback, the insight team was able to build a true understanding of human beings, see which concepts resonated with them and identify opportunities for category growth.


Business Impact

The project has already had a significant impact on AB InBev. Crucially, the rich, visual format of the feedback allowed the insight team to socialize real reactions to concepts with every level of the organization. The findings were unveiled at AB InBev's annual Innovation Lab, allowing all attendees to see the strengths and weaknesses of specific concepts first-hand.

Presenting the findings in such an engaging way with video ensured senior buy-in to the research. In turn, this helped make critical marketing decisions about each concept and AB InBev to pick winning products to take to market.

Want to be the next innovative brand to tap into video feedback?  You'll be in good company.