Transactional Surveys

Optimize journeys and build stellar experiences at every touchpoint

Video gets you to the root cause of customer sentiment towards any touchpoint you're investigating. Adding VideoCX into a transactional survey allows your customers to express themselves beyond the confines of a satisfaction score and reveal why a specific interaction made or broke their experience.

Transactional Surveys

Transactional Surveys, in a Nutshell

Transactional surveys allow you to dig deeper into how particular touchpoints are affecting your customer’s relationship with your brand.  (You'll know which touchpoints need the most attention from your relationship surveys!) But how can you truly understand the customers' experience, and get to the root of why they were happy with their interaction, or not so much?

Why Video?

“What” just doesn’t cut it anymore - in today’s world, brands need to understand the “why” behind customers' experiences. Sure, text-based responses add a lot of value, but people are getting tired of them: not only are they cumbersome and time-consuming, but it’s also hard to portray emotion via text. So what’s the solution?

Incorporating video into your transactional surveys gives the respondent an alternative method of communicating, so your customers feel as if they are really being listened to. By replacing traditional text open-end responses with a video feedback question, you can generate richer, more contextual responses and provide a narrative which truly brings your customers' experiences to life. 

More Use Cases

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